BMW's by WD and Auto Repair

BMW specialists with 30 years experience

Recently received a 5 Star rating on Angie's List.

Here at BMW'S By WD we take the science of Auto-mechanics to new heights. Our knowledgeable mechanics take pride in making sure your car runs like a gem.

In Loving Memory of

Cole Preston we will never forget you. We will think of you every lap on the track.

If you are looking for the place where you can trust your car to be treated like it's our car. Look no farther than BMW'S By WD. We take pride in our work. We strive for a level of excellency rivaled by none. 

We do State Inspections and Emission Test. We work on all parts of your auto.   

We work on cars of every make and model. From your high end sport cars to your every day riders. 

Warren is an instructor for multiple car clubs at the VIR course in Danville VA.